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Adventures with Maggie (Remembering Lockn' 2017)

What a Grate time to be a Deadhead!  Off to "Playing in the Sand" for 3 Dead & Co shows in Riviera Maya, Mexico tomorrow!  Then the Summer Tour will be just around the corner, AND to top things off D&C will be headlinig the Lockn' festival this year!   It got us thinking about the Lockn' experience last year and our adventure with Maggie (the 1972 VW Campmobile):

We were just a little bit apprehensive about the trip.  You may recall that Lockn' was barely 10 days after the horrible white supremacists protest in nearby Charlottesville, VA.  (Remember Tiki-Torch Nazis?)

     Tiki-torch Nazis

     Tiki-torch Nazis

Well despite our trepidation (and a couple of breakdowns in Maryland), the trip had smoothed out and Maggie's ancient, little air-cooled motor was humming along nicely.  

We had passed through Charlottesville without incident and were getting deeper and deeper into Virginia.  The highways gave way to secondary roads and finally the winding mountain grade approach to Lockn' . . .  and we were barely 6 miles away from the fest!

Suddenly the little bus had no power to get over the hill.  Something felt like it was dragging.  A glance in the rearview mirror, and there was smoke billowing out behind!

"Get the fire extinguisher, Chicken!"

"Get the fire extinguisher, Chicken!"

There was absolutely no place to pull over.  The road was narrow and heavy with high speed traffic.  Finally we were able to nose off the road into the opening of a driveway.  The rear passenger side brake shoes had hung up and caught fire.  I was standing there trying to decide what we were going to do for a moment, when a local couple swerved off the road and into the space behind us.

A young man got out and approached us, while the woman stayed in the car with a couple of large dogs.  "You must be headed to the concert.  I've got experience with Volkswagen's lets take a look."  He spoke in that grinding slow and expressionless way of the deep south . . .it sounded much deeper south than Virginia.  Chicken's heart was in her throat for half a second as he walked up behind me kneeling by the smoldering brake drum - tire iron in hand . . .

But as it turns out these people were angels of kindness sent from above.  Spencer and Emily.  Not only did Spencer wire the brake shoes back away from the drum for a quick fix - he went much farther than that.  A couple days later they found us at our campsite, brought genuine VW parts and did a brake job right there on the spot!

Don't tell me this town ain't got no heart.  You just gotta poke around,